I came to Risa after I had 2 compression fractures in my lower back. I’ve so appreciated being able to know that I am in competent hands. I’ve never worried that she would do anything to hurt my back. She has helped reduce the pain and enhance my healing. While seeing Risa my husband was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died shortly thereafter. Through his illness I had a safe inviting place to come totally relax, leave my worries behind and be cared for. Since his passing I have continued to see Risa. The wonderful massages have given my body the message that self care is an important step in the grieving process. One of the things I have missed so much since my husband’s death is the compassion of human touch. Just being touched tenderly has been an essential piece of my healing process. Risa has given that to me.


Risa takes a very personal and professional interest in my body work. She helps me to increase my flexibility and mobility by regularly trying new techniques. After my mastectomy five years ago Risa encouraged me to get out of the house only 2 weeks after my surgery and come in for my manicure and pedicure with her. I will always be grateful for that little push she gave me in helping me to overcome my fears and breakthrough emotionally. She has been helping me to relax for 16 years!

–Barb. S.

I have been coming to Risa for over 15 years. Her spa pedicure leaves my feet and legs refreshed and rejuvenated. I also get a massage once a month. Without them I would have no flexibility at all. Thanks Risa for continually improving my well being.


I have been a client of Risa’s for over 5 years. She is always been very competent and knowledgeable about the human body, and most importantly a very professional massage therapist. I Highly recommended her!


A few years ago I had some medical problems that left me with pain and numbness in my feet and legs. I tried all kinds of treatments and saw several doctors to fix the problem but nothing worked. I hadn’t seen Risa for a while so I went to see if she could help. I started to see her every week. I now feel very little pain in my feet or legs and the numbness has all but gone. Of everything I tried, Risa’s massages were what did the trick for me.

-A. Hinton

As someone who has had hundreds of massages from dozens of therapists I must say that Risa is a standout. As a physician I describe her massage as a “medical” massage where Risa really gets down to the heart of your structural issue. This is not a “fluffy” Swedish massage but a true healing experience. I recommend her 100%.

-Deborah Maahs L.Ac.